Summit Summary & Agenda

Local OpenGov Innovation Summit - Nowra School of Arts - 18 May 2011

Detailed Agenda including Summary from Rob Donaldson, Shoalhaven City Council
Local Open Government Innovation Summit Agenda Nowra 18th May 2011
Summit Success - press release

Summit Agenda

The agenda for the first summit will provide a framework for productive conversations, with the participants choosing the topics that are most useful to them.

Summit Agenda Summary

The detailed agenda can be viewed below this summary,

The summit agenda will cover the following:

  • An opening statement from the local council representative (describing their interest in sharing information on Open Government)
  • Three short presentations from community groups (CCBs) on their approach to Open Government
  • A concise and informative description on "What is Open Government" Refer to Open Government Definition
  • Case Studies from around the world;
  • Community Involvement and Engagement
  • Community Benefits
  • Closing Comments - Tying Open Government to CommunityEngagement

Specific Detailed Summit Agenda (Nowra 18th May 2011)

Local Open Government Innovation Summit Agenda Nowra 18th May 2011
Draft Shoalhaven Community Engagement Policy - 12th April 2011
Open Government Declaration
Neighbours Forum

Outcomes for Participants:

  • Help individuals in local government agencies share their transparency/participation/colllaboration effective practices with other cities.
  • Connect local officials to the resources of the broader opengov community.

Next Steps

2-3 hours will be more than adequate for this first summit. Some more experienced organisers (in larger communities) could build on this model and hold a summit involving presentations and workshops over 2 or 3 days. This might be an option for Australian councils at a later stage.
See the Transparency Forum in USA below.

City Camp Focus (and "Unconference") in USA

Where did it all start - City Camp Concept as Open Source

US groups have the luxury of dividing Open Government (Gov2.0) into its various components;

  1. Transparency - Transparency Forum in USA
  2. Participation
  3. Collaboration

Most forum(s) cover the three main aspects.

Our Local Open Government Innovation Summit in Australia should focus on "Participation" and "Collaboration" and how it applies to Community Engagement.

Perhaps we could aspire to this

See what is happening in Portland Oregon - Open Government West OGW'11 Conference